Habitat Wilanów is located in Zawady, – it is a green region of the northeastern part of Wilanów. Here, at some distance from The Royal Palace, life goes on with a calm rhythm. The local landscape is dominated by horticulture and meadows, with the spaces in-between them filled by cozy housing estates. The existing road infrastructure makes it possible to efficiently reach every district of Warsaw, the network of modernized streets and local bicycle paths, guarantees freedom of movement not only for motorists. The southern bypass, currently under construction, will soon further improve, even revolutionize, the situation of commuters, granting them quicker access to the city center, the Fryderyk Chopin Airport in Okęcie, and the other side of the Vistula River, using the new bridge.

Wilanów is a district with traditions and has a lot to offer to its residents – with unlimited walking options, interesting nature, numerous bicycle routes, and above all, the baroque Royal Palace, one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. Along with the surrounding parks and buildings, it has preserved its unchanged classical architecture and, with the Morysin enclave, has been declared a historical monument. The Wilanów Royal Palace attracts tourists all year long; it also is a museum and site to many cultural events.

The district has sports clubs, prestigious kindergartens, schools and teaching centers, so parents can be calm about the development and level of education of their children. There are plenty of services, commercial, educational and medical facilities in the area, while the proximity of Powsin provides recreational opportunities for the whole family.